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Educational institutions
(School service center, Cegep, University)

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(Administrative services, libraries, public transport, etc.)

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Residences for senior citizens

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Private Enterprises

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Key points

Always have all the information about the sanitation department at hand.

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No local installation, software suite in SAAS mode (Software As A Service)

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Reduce your planning time in a fast and efficient way

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Don't be caught off guard with the variability of the workforce with the help of the automatic routes module.

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Don't waste time on long searches: Real-time monitoring and indicators of work progress

How does HYSA compare to the old version of Mikadoweb?

Former version HYSA
Full access rights management by the project manager
Interactive dashboard
Complete database of premises, articles and documents
Standardized routes module based on ISSA times
Creating automated routes based on your priorities
Real-time monitoring of the hours budget
Quality audit module including photos, follow-up of corrective tasks
Internal messaging system that greatly facilitates the sharing of information with attendants
Possible connection with your other management systems
Management of task seasonality
Management by zones, priorities and availability of your premises