Designed using the latest technology, in order to energize the daily workdays of managers and maintenance personnel, MIKADOWEB is the LATEST GENERATION of hygiene and sanitation software.


Interactive management

Monitor conditions out in the field and make real-time management interventions that can be effective immediately.


The Web-Based concept

By using mobile technology, the management aspect is shifted from the office directly to the field where hygiene and sanitation personnel is at work.


Management tools

Real-time management, frequency logbook for each space, history management, traceability, quality control…


Keep your employees engaged

ntuitive approach, touchscreen navigation and visual interface. Access to tools specific to the hygiene & sanitation personnel…


Is your hygiene & sanitation management currently based on a thorough assessment of your facilities, pre-established inventory plans, time allocation and behavioral patterns?

What if you were aware of conditions in the field every day? What if you could make informed, real- time, management interventions effective immediately?

That is what MIKADOWEB has to offer.


The Web multi-platform concept

MIKADOWEB’s unique multi-platform environment communicates, compiles and interprets data collected by the users in real time.

This user interaction principle enables managers to access and monitor in real-time accurate and complete records.

Seamlessly adapted with current technology, web interactivity offers endless possibilities to managers.

By using mobile technology, the management aspect is shifted from the office directly to the field where hygiene and sanitation personnel is at work.

Using a tablet or directly on their smartphone, managers, supervisors and even employees can interact at various levels and benefit from tools that create a dynamic work environment.


Real-time management

MIKADOWEB completely revisits the concept of real-time management.

The daily transmission of data, and the instant integration of the data within the database enables the software’s unique database engine to associate interactions directly between time and actions.

For the manager, adjusting or modifying the details of a work day is instantaneous, a simple click on the calendar will do the trick!

Real-time management


Associate each task with a time value
Establish a dynamic logbook of tasks & frequency for each space/room
Assign multiple task sequences to a same space/room
Visualize and optimize your allocated time budget (work hours) structure for each day
Plan each of your actions interactively with the date and time of execution
Create variable work runs, that span multiple shifts, depending on the list of tasks for each space, the frequency logbook and the execution time
Visualize the details of each work run, and adjust according to the reality in the field
Issue work orders rapidly
Review in real-time the remaining work-hours to be accomplished for a work run

The binding between time and action

History management

The tracking module enables the user
to easily review any change to the history.

MIKADOWEB archives and integrates all modifications. The interactions between various tasks related to hygiene & sanitation instantaneously impacts and updates the management history.


Archive in the “history” the date, time and employee that accomplished each task
Dynamically manage the modifications of task/maintenance frequencies
Automatically modify inventories and work runs
Automatically reassess the impact on work-hour budgets

Quality control

By considering the last action accomplished on an item, MIKADOWEB generates dynamic and intelligent quality-controls by validating the degree of execution of each task and the relevance of their frequencies.



At the tip of their fingers, hygiene and sanitation personnel can:

Follow their work runs
Validate the execution of different tasks assigned to a space
Review the frequency logbook
Receive relevant work orders
Communicate with their supervisor using a dialog box
Access the procedures library and information relevant to their job

Adapted to your needs

Health, education, real estate, lodging, municipal and industrial environments

With over 50 levels of customization, MIKADOWEB is designed to meet the needs of many fields of industry.

Our dedicated servers gather and integrate the architectural data of your real estate assets to enable immediate use and functionality.